How to de-pill a rug?
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I have two large (9'x12') area rugs that have pilled, like a sweater, but all over. There is a layer of pilling, like a web, over the surfaces of the rugs entirely. I was wondering if it would be a huge mistake to try hair clippers on the surface, sort of like shearing a sheep, like a giant sweater shaver. The rugs are synthetic. Thoughts?
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I don't know if clippers would work, but what should work is a pumice block. Get a big cheap one from home depot (toilet cleaning aisle) and give the rug a good rub down. It should take the pilling right off no problem.
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Have you see what they use for de-pilling? It's essentially a norelco razor.

Just go ahead and shave your rug with whatever you use for your face or pits or whatever.
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Yep to pumice and razor. Also grab a rubber window squeegee to pull the pills into a pile so you can dispose of them. As a note, it takes a lot of hard work and elbow grease. I've used the razor method on sweaters and your arms get tired quickly.
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Another option is a SweaterStone, which is basically like pumice but made for knits. They're about six bucks, should have them at BedBath&Beyond or I know they're on Amazon.
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A carpet rake would be ideal for this.
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Seconding sweater stone. Got mine at Container Store.
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