What is a less-expensive alternative to Aveda Rosemary Mint Shampoo?
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I really like Aveda Rosemary Mint shampoo. It smells nice and refreshing, and does good things for my hair. It used to be an somewhat expensive indulgence, but the price has doubled over the last few years for no apparent reason and now I can't come close to justifying it. Does anyone have a good recommendation as a substitute? I have tried most everything Costco carries, as well as this lavender shampoo (which seemed pretty harsh to me).
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Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle is great minty-herby stuff, if you happen to live near a TJ's.
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Seconding Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle. Much less expensive and very well-liked (though I think the formula changed recently).
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I really like John Frieda's Root Awakening line. It definitely has the tingle factor, too!
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The L'Oreal Ever-blank products smell very similar to Aveda products. They're sulfate-free and most have rosemary in them. Some have rosemary-mint, some are rosemary-juniper. They're pretty cheap - about $7 for each tube but you can always pick them up on sale.

I'll be real, the reviews are mixed - some people really love it, some don't. I've been using them for about 6 months now and I don't have any issues. But at $7, it's worth trying!
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I am loving Herbal Essences' newish "Naked" shampoo - the mint fragrance is wonderful.

I also like Organix's Tea Tree Mint.

I found TJ's tea tree shampoo too strong and drying, FWIW.
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Best answer: I like the Suave Rosemary and Mint shampoo. It's super cheap but my hair does just fine with it and I like the scent.
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Best answer: Suave has a direct knockoff shampoo and conditioner set that's surprisingly good. I always thought that using Suave would be akin to just dunking my head in Lysol, but they've stepped up their game the past few years with this "Professionals" line.
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I really like Whole Foods 365 shampoo and conditioner. I use the unscented, but they have an Herbal Mint variety. It's $4.50 for a quart (even less for the smaller bottle), so not a huge investment if you end up not liking it.
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I dumped Aveda for Tresemme two years ago and I don't regret it!
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Best answer: I came to recommend the Suave knockoff. Smells just the same, and I can generally find it for ~$3 at the drug store.
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Seconding Herbal Essences' Naked. Aveda is slightly cheaper if you buy the large containers (33.8 oz). It's worth noting that Herbal Essences, like most shampoo, has sodium lauryl sulfate and other less-than-desirable ingredients...I think Aveda is a comparatively better choice for health and the environment, though they're not perfect either.
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Best answer: I've been using the Suave mentioned above for a few years now and it's perfect for my hair. Good lather without being too sudsy. Doesn't dry out my hair. Great scent I get complements on.
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If your hair at all tends towards frizz, stay far away from the Trader Joe's tea tree one. Pooof!
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Seconding L'Oreal Everpure.
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I have used Aveda's Rosemary Mint Shampoo before, and exclusively used Aveda products for approximately seven years. About a year ago I began experimenting with different lines and more affordable options. I liked Ouidad but it was just as pricey. 6 months ago I switched to Nature's Gate brand as my new favorite line. I find the Tea Tree Shampoo (which contains Rosemary) is similar in terms of scalp sensation and scent... However it makes my hair look better and it is at a much lower price point. You may also have an easier time finding locations that sell it. I see it in various grocery stores and health stores across Canada, perhaps it is similar in the USA.

Editing to add I have very frizz-prone curly hair in case that helps you in your decision
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Best answer: I love that shampoo, and I've tried the Suave - while the scent is close, and is very nice, it doesn't have the same sweet mint quality of the Aveda - the upside is, it'll cost you five bucks (for shampoo AND conditioner) to try it yourself to see if that matters to you.
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Response by poster: Ok, the Suave clone is great. After trying a small bottle, I got four large bottles from Amazon for under $12, which is about 1/13th the price of the Aveda. As ersatzkat says, it isn't quite the same, but it is excellent for the price.

Thanks everyone!
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carpographer: I'm also facing this circumstance (enjoy the shampoo, hard to justify the price). Just wondering if you got around to trying any of the other presented alternatives and what your thoughts on them are.
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