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My wife's having a mild reaction to her acupuncture treatments...

My wife recently started acupuncture treatments to her shoulder/neck area and it's working. (Yay!) But she seems to be having a mild allergic reaction to the needles (Non-yay!) which results in an itchy bump at every puncture site.

Her doc suggested aloe vera lotion, anyone else have a suggestion; hopefully one that worked for them?
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What kind of metal are the acupuncture needles? Some people are allergic to nickle.
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I had a response like that after acupuncture once; my acupuncturist used some moxa burnt near the spot which relieved it in about 60 seconds.
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is she reacting to rubbing alcohol?

otherwise, yes, maybe a metal allergy?
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Worth asking: are you sure this particular place is a responsible/sterile one?
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There are a range of needles available (for future reference..)
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If they're rubbing down the area with alcohol and it isn't quite dry before puncture, they could be pushing a little alcohol into the skin, which is very irritating for some. It can swell up and itch, in my personal experience.
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