Sports Hernia - Surgery?
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Looking for people who've had this diagnosis to weigh in on their experience with getting this particular surgery and tips for staying sane while deciding what to do.

My father has been diagnosed with a sports hernia. He has tears on his "rectus abdominus & associated tendons", and it causes pain significant enough that he is not able to walk/exercise as much as he'd like, drive comfortably, or sleep consistently for the past year.

There seem to only be about 3 or 4 surgeons in the country that perform the surgery associated with particular type of injury and the expense is giving him pause given the year long lack of improvement from the other treatments he's tried (resting, cortisone shots, pain killers, icing, etc). Here are his questions for people with experience:

1) Has anyone else had this surgery (or similar) and seen relief?
If so I'd very much appreciate the opportunity to ask more questions about recovery time, choice of doctor, outcome, etc.

2) Are there other treatment options/pain management strategies he should look into?

3) Any magic wands for gaining access to this tier of surgeon besides cash?

4) Any ideas on activities he could take up while he is still healing? He's dependent on exercise to stay sane, and it's tough to watch him suffer doubly for pain & lack of outlet during a rough time.

Note: He had an umbilical hernia patched up this past December. His doctors (at the time) blamed his chronic pain on that hernia, despite his persistent claim that the pain he was experiencing did not feel like it was located in that area of his body. A second MRI done by a new doctor last month found the sports hernia, so he is also dealing with the usual feelings of despair that occur when you have to navigate the US medical establishment and feel ignored/pain/resentment/hopeless.

Any insight would be appreciated.
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