Please help me find the perfect doormat.
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I need a new doormat to go inside my front door. Recommendations?

Here's a photo of the area that needs a new doormat. The one that's there currently is a Waterhog and it's done a fine job, but it's beat up and should be moved to the back door.

Qualities the perfect doormat would have:

- Available in the US.

- Grey or some other color that doesn't show dirt and cat hair.

- Holds on to dirt. We have a bristly doormat outside, but we're in and out all day and everyone but me is imperfect.

- Good with water and mud (I live near Seattle).

- Doesn't slide all over the place. That's the #1 problem with the Waterhog -- it wanders. I've been reluctant to put one of those grippy rug things under it because I understand they ruin floors. Correct me if I'm wrong.

- Flat enough for doors to easily open over it, both the front door and the closet doors you can see to the left.

- Custom sized in an L to also cover the area where we toss our shoes (this would be nice but not essential).

- Doesn't look too industrial (this is not a priority).

- Not made under terrible working conditions.

- Durable. I'll pay more for something that lasts.

- Easy to clean with a vacuum.

- Big. The current one is too small, as the photo shows.

I suspect I'll end up with another Waterhog, but is there some other company I should know about?
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Don Aslett is pretty much an expert on this stuff, and he sells some high-quality floor mats via his website. I bought a couple a while back and have been very happy with them.
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Best answer: FLOR tiles might work for your space.
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I love this mat, I have it by my side door and it is great. Not sure if $130 is too much in your book, but I would buy this again in a heart beat. It does not have an L shaped option though.
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A performance-improving tip, if it works in your space: put down a larger generic area rug and then put your doormat on top of it. The larger rug will hold itself in place better and the doormat should slide less on top of it. Costco has 6x9 indoor-outdoor rugs for $20 right now, if you don't want something patterned or not grey/beige/blue.

Plus it may help catch secondary grit, drips off umbrellas/coats, etc.
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When I bought an Ikea Trampa door mat I was a little triste over not getting something "nicer," but now I love the 'Trampa.' It's nice and plain, the backing's sturdy and it stays put beautifully, it's cheap enough that I don't have to care about it but strangely my cats have not been able to damage it, it's a great size for the price, it has not needed any attention at all in the year we've had it -- it spent the winter getting slushy boots laid to rest on it and if it needs cleaning yet it's not visually apparent. I thought after a year with cats and a kid a cheaper door mat would be looking a little ratty but it's fine, and I love that it doesn't budge.
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Response by poster: Flor tiles did the trick.
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