Online statistics and literature course at a community college?
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Looking for a community college that has an online statistics and/or women's lit course.

I am living overseas in Asia and am currently earning my Master's degree online at an American university. I need to complete a few undergraduate courses--a Women's Lit/Diversity Lit course AND a statistics course. My university said I should try to take those courses at a community college to save money, as they are cheaper than my university and will transfer with no problem.

Does anyone know of a CC that has a statistics course that is completely online? I have found a few, but all of them require that the final exam be done on campus, and that's not possible for me. I've asked my adviser, but she was frankly not helpful, and basically just wished me luck. Any ideas?
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Best answer: Both North Seattle College and Seattle Central College have online only Statistics courses. They are listed as Math 146.

I've never taken Statistics online here, but I have taken Computer Science 110 through North. While in person midterms and finals were required, for those not local or overseas, the exams can be taken via a proctor. If you take it through Central, I've heard amazing things about the professor, Felice Tiu.

I'm sure that if you can write the professors ahead of time, they can help you out here.

(I took the in person Stats course as an Audit at North, in person, and I enjoyed it greatly! I earned a lot.)
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Best answer: California Virtual Campus lets you search online classes in CA. I'm in a similar boat as you...
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Took a quick look and CVC returns six online CC women's lit classes this fall.
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