Looking to buy a particular pair of shoes
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Basically, I've had these shoes for a few years now, and it's not so much that I love them, but that they are the only closed-toe, non-sneaker shoes I can actually walk in.

I wear them for work and everything else, but now there are holes emerging in the right sole. I need to find a replacement fast, but my right foot is very unhappy with all closed-toe shoes because the nail of my right toe and the toe itself sticks up quite a bit.

I can't do high heels at all. I recently found a pair of heels that are actually comfortable in the toe box, but then my heels started bleeding after an hour. So I'm back to flats. And apparently, those are the only flats that my feet like. Basically, it's like a ballet flat in that it's soft and bendy, and that's the only kind that won't hurt my toe. But it's also rugged enough to withstand years of use.

Does anyone know if that shoe is still sold anywhere or where I can find something just like it? I guess I could also go with something less flat and "feminine," but I wear skinny pants a lot, so I don't want something that's too clunky.

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Saw some like this at Target the other day. Ballet flats, bendy with the elastic, different colors. Doesn't have the twisty bow thing on the front though.

I think these Mossimos are the ones I'm thinking of.

Maybe not so durable, I don't know, but I have some cheap flats I got at Target a few years ago and they surprisingly held up pretty well.
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I'd try Clarks or Camper...they tend to have roomy, cute flats that are great quality. A bit on the pricey side, but worth it, in my opinion!
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I was going to tell you to check out Børn shoes. In fact, this pair looks very similar to yours.
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What's your budget, and size? I have impossible feet too, but this shoe's leather is soft enough to stretch to accommodate mine. They're flat but not 'a flat'.


(Fluevog "Khushboo" -- no longer made, but available above in 8.5)
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Also, Earth shoes might have something similar.
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The Me Too Fiona from the same brand seems very similar in its construction and only slightly different in the design details.
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Gentle Souls Gabby is great. Expensive, but has a roomy toebox and soft leather.

Also, you might browse the Barking Dogs blog, which reviews shoes for difficult feet and has a "bunion-friendly" category that would probably work well for you. Another brand I like with wide toeboxes is Rieker.
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I was this way about a very particular short boot that I wore for years. I could never find a good replacement in stores. I did find them on Ebay with minimal wear which should give me a few more years. It may be worth frequently checking there and see if you get lucky.
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For other brands of truly comfortable shoes check out this recent ask.me: http://ask.metafilter.com/259808/Need-help-finding-a-tolerable-dress-shoe

"the nail of my right toe and the toe itself sticks up quite a bit"
Apologies for this being out of scope of your question. Is it a problem of nail overcurvature (also called pincer nail)? This can be treated for example with braces or even surgically.

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I was also going to suggest Born; my mom has a pair that she uses to walk all over San Francisco, and she loves them.

Have you taken your shoes to a cobbler and seen if the holes are repairable? Rubber soles can be more difficult to replace than leather ones, but it's certainly possible that a cobbler could remove the rubber sole, add a leather sole, then put a vibram rubber sole over the new sole. If the upper is still in good shape, it might be worth it to see.
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I lovelovelove the Me Too Nini ballet flats.
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What is your size? I have said before that I'm a fan of creating a loosely-termed eBay search and setting it to ping your email daily. "Me Too Fair Knot" gets me, relatively, bupkus, but try Me Too Black Flat - drop your size in for giggles and keep an eye out.
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Thank you, all! Sorry for the late reply.
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