Oddity with Linked Instagram and Twitter posts...
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I have my instagram and twitter handles linked. So if someone tweets their own instagram post with my handle included in the text, then it also translates and correctly tags my twitter handle on twitter. My problem follows...

I logged on to Instagram with another account (my work account) and now when ever someone tags my work's instagram handle on instagram and their post is tweeted, then my personal twitter handle is what is tagged on twitter. I never OKed this with either twitter or instagram. I have completely unlinked my Instagram and Twitter accounts (has far as I can tell) on my Phone apps for both services, and through the settings on my twitter account web page. But the issue persists.

It seems to be hung up somehow in internet magic land. Can anyone point me to a solution?
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Are the usernames the same? The thing is, both services use the syntax @[username], and a tweet or an Instagram caption is just plain text at the end of the day, interpreted by the website or software on the other end.

So, say I post an Instagram and tag @steve, and also post it to twitter. Twitter just sees the text "@steve," and if he happens to have that same handle on twitter, the twitter site or app is going to see that as a mention.

Sorry if that isn't relevant here, but it sounds like it could be.
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Response by poster: We figured it out - the twitter account was linked under the work Instagram account.

(drjimmy11 - the names are way different. Thanks for the input.)

This had been a conundrum for the library's social media team for a few weeks, of course we would figure it out several minutes after posting this question.
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