Can't-Beat Retreat
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Seeking suggestions for a place for a friend to enjoy a relaxing three-day yoga and meditation retreat in a beautiful location anywhere in California. Potential complication: it has to be next week.
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It might be worth your friend's time to contact Osmosis in Freestone to see if what they offer fits the bill. I can tell you it is a beautiful place in a beautiful, redwood-adjacent setting.
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Does she need it to be guided, or is she just looking for a quiet place to be alone? There's a monastery in Big Sur that has a retreat center, New Camaldoli Hermitage. It's inexpensive, silent, absolutely beautiful.

There's also the Esalen Institute just north of there. I have never been but it's supposed to be lovely.
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The Ojai Retreat is stunning and not very expensive if you play your cards right.
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