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I need to find a specific type of notebook. I've been looking forever with no luck and I'm hoping someone here can help.

I have been looking for a notebook, specifically a JournalBook (brand name). JournalBook makes notebooks as promo and marketing items for companies and they can only be ordered in bulk by businesses (I've contacted JournalBooks directly and asked). I have three of these notebooks that I've received from various jobs and I LOVE them. I make a ton of notes for work and I like to use these specific notebooks because they're sturdy and have high-quality, absorbable paper which means they last and can stand up to all of my flipping through them to find things, as well as hold up to being carried around in my backpack or purse.

Unfortunately I can't find these notebooks or a comparable notebook ANYWHERE. Believe me, I've looked. I've checked stationary shops, bookstores, office supply stores, any place that could conceivably sell journals and I can't find anything that meets all my criteria and is as good as JournalBooks. Does anyone have any idea where I could buy these?

My criteria:

- must be spiral bound
- hard cover
- thick, high quality paper
- elastic strap to keep it shut
- elastic pen holder (this is a little more optional)
- around 7x10 in size

I don't want a leather cover, a wraparound cover or anything fancy. Some places sell single journalbooks but they're leather, non spiral bound and basically everything I don't want. Some places sell notebooks that are similar to journalbooks in that they're spiral bound with a hard cover but I don't like the paper. I've come to the conclusion that the JournalBooks brand is the only company that sells what I'm looking for.

This is a picture of exactly what I want. Ideally, it would be without a logo, but at this point I realize that may be impossible so I'd be fine with anything. This is what the JB logo (which is imprinted on the back of every notebooks) looks like.

Every website I see only sells them in bulk and while I would be fine buying a lot at once, I don't really need 100+ of them.

Mefi is my last hope on this so I'm hoping someone will be able to help me find them.
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Have you tried contacting the people behind that website to see what pricing would be on non-bulk orders?
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Have you thought about looking for them on auction sites such as eBay or surplus item sites? I know you've said you've contacted JournalBook for buying them, but might they have 'misprints' or other oopsy ones you can buy a couple of?

You said three companies have given them to you and they are imprinted with the company name. I know on leaving companies I've sold their "inhouse branded" gear on eBay, might look by that company's name. "[company] logo notebook" or something.
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I think that Barnes and Noble sells spiral notebooks like the kind that you describe in their Gift/Stationery section. You'd probably want to visit a store in person to see them, and you'll probably have to deal with some obnoxious artwork on the cover.
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Any of these look OK to you?
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Does it have to be ruled? You could try the larger art supply store, rather than a stationary store.
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Campus notebooks have wire-o binding, good quality paper, but no elastic strap.
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Some Miquelrius notebooks might work. If you've tried Miquelrius already and don't like the paper, the Stonepaper notebooks are different.

If cover elastic is the hill this quest has been dying on, they're not especially hard to add.
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Do any of these work?
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From the distributor you linked to:
Can I order less than the minimum quantity listed on the website?

Yes, we are more than happy to accommodate orders for less than the minimum quantity listed in the catalog.

While all of our items have minimum order quantities listed online, we can often negotiate smaller orders with our manufacturers for a fee. Note that this option is not available for all products and the less-than-minimum fee may vary, depending on the number of items being ordered and the manufacturer. Finally, item decoration is not generally offered on orders less than the minimum quantity.

Should you require this service, please call 800-554-0127 between 9 AM and 8 PM ET Monday through Friday to speak with a Promotions Specialist.
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Oh lordy, I use the exact same notebook. I am hoarding my last one - freebies from a conference. Journalbook, same size. I went through this same search a few months ago.

I think this might be the match. (Never heard of the website - hopefully it's legit).
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You could order the smallest possible batch and then sell the surplus on eBay (or similar). That's how some people I know support their crafting habits.
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So the combo of hard cover + wirebound is more rare because the hard cover can bind up the wires when rolling the cover back. I've used a Cachet fabric cover wirebound w elastic book before. I like that the wire has a gap for your hand to hold it comfortably.

The Cachets are unlined sketch books. In the lined department, I can reccomend Rhodia Elasti Book. The cover isn't super hard though.

Either of those plus an adhesive pen loop should tick most of your criteria.
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Thank you everyone, for all these great answers!

The Michael The - I emailed the supplier (after your suggestion) and asked if I could buy less than the minimum and they emailed me back within a few hours and said they could only do the minimum of 100. Not sure if it was because of that specific notebook or what.

umwhat - THANK YOU! I think that may be it! I've ordered two in two different sizes today and will post back here when I receive them. The shipping seemed a little expensive - $14 for two notebooks for 3-6 day delivery, but the two notebooks cost less than $8 total (I've bought similar notebooks at Office Depot in the past for $10 or $15 each), so overall not so bad.

Thank you everyone else for all the great suggestions, especially the ones about adding elastic for the cover/pens, which I had never even thought about.

I am SO EXCITED to get my fresh new journalbooks! Already planning how I'm going to organize my notes. Potentially being able to dedicate a whole notebook to its own topic/subject matter seems so decadent.
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I emailed the supplier (after your suggestion) and asked if I could buy less than the minimum and they emailed me back within a few hours and said they could only do the minimum of 100. Not sure if it was because of that specific notebook or what.

Alas, it was worth a shot. I know that exact notebook--I've received them from conferences and they're great. Good luck.
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A company called Canson makes a line of notebooks that meets almost all your criteria, except the elastic closure strap. I find them at Barnes & Noble from time to time, but it's hit and miss. The B&N web site has them.
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I got my notebooks yesterday and the are EXACTLY what I was looking for - elastic strap and all. I'm going to order like ten more today. Thank you so much to everyone for the help and especially to umwhat for finding the website!
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