Android games for a research study
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Posting for a friend: "For a research study, I would love suggestions of Android mobile games that: 1) are very engaging and fun 2) you pay for 3) don't have ads and don't push in-app purchases 4) perhaps require both hands or require that you keep your eyes on the screen (this is not necessary but would be an added plus) 5) would be easy for people without a lot of experience playing mobile games to learn and enjoy."
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How hard of a requirement is #2?

Because I feel that Ingress from Google spin-off Niantic Labs hits the other 4 points pretty good. And while you don't have to pay Niantic Labs to play the game, the fact that the gameplay is based on what your device's GPS says your location is, you end up "paying" in the form of travel expenses, such as buying extra gas/public transit tickets.
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I'm second guessing myself on these because of the subjectivity of 1), but these are the three games I've paid for on Android that I play the most, and I think they're pretty great. They also hit all or most the other requirements:

Osmosis HD
Syrious Scramble (Full)
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Super Hexagon! Requires both hands and rapt attention, one of the simplest game designs I've ever seen, and the frenetic pace makes it really engaging; when your game ends you can be playing again in a fraction of a second, which encourages "giving it one more try" over and over.
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Seconding Threes! Although you can look up from the screen without the game progressing, so it doesn't quite hit #4
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Osmosis is fun! Also, this immediately made me think of Jelly Defense.
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Ridiculous Fishing
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Doodle Jump
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Smash Hit
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Woops, sorry I think smash hit is free, not paid.
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D'oh, I misread the paid part. Doodle Jump is also free.
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XCOM! OK, it may not be easy for newbs to play. But you pay $10 and that's it. But it fits all the other criteria.
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Blueprint 3D is also a neat spatial game. The link is to the paid, non-free version.
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Both of the Rayman running games would fit the bill. They are fantastic.
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