Coffee plunger in Melbourne?
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I want to buy a coffee plunger (French press) somewhere local- either in Preston, Reservoir, Thornbury, Northcote, North Fitzroy or Coburg. I'm assuming a cafe might be a good bet, or a homewares store but I couldn't find anyone selling them in a few I tried on high st, Northcote yesterday. I'd like to avoid a mall.

Bonus points a for a recommendation for a good steel plunger? I know Bodum and Avanti are meant to be good but they're very expensive.
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I've seen them cheap in woolworths, but other than that I would try somewhere like Kmart (probably have to go to Northland mall, sorry, but that's probably inevitable if you don't want expensive).
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You could ring the business on this yellow pages list. There are a few wholesalers in that of equipment in that area who may sell retail. As to s/steel quality plungers, I have bought a few for our accommodation, all of them from 'deals' websites or Aldi for under $40 and they have all been good. They sure last longer than any Bodum glass plunger I've owned.
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Response by poster: Willing to pay more if it means avoiding northland- not going there- bub doesn't like the bright lights and noise (nor does her mum, for that matter).
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The Mediterranean supermarket on Sydney Road definitely has them. I'm unsure as to price. It's a little out of your target area, but only 10 mins drive/tram from Coburg.
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Best answer: Did you check Durawear/Club Chef (291 High Street)?

Also, the Kmart website shows that they are available in the Northcote store (not fancy stainless steel ones, just cheapo ones).

I am trying to remember if Penny Farthing Espresso sells plungers. I think they have some other coffee brewing equipment (for sale with the beans near the front counter), but am not sure about plungers.

For a fancier plunger, I thinkKey Ingredients in Clifton Hill would be a good bet.
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Best answer: Oh and maybe Coffee Mio roasters in Thornbury (on High St near 7 11) or Eureka Coffee/Growers Espresso in North Fitzroy.
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I've been looking for one of these lately (in Brisbane) and having a hell of a time. Turns out Big W sells about nine different kinds of varying quality and cost.
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