A good "white" recipe for chicken (and other white food suggestions)
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I just had a teeth whitening at the dentist, and I was instructed to only eat white foods for the next 24 hours. I bought some chicken breasts tonight and would love suggestions for recipes that "would not stain a white shirt" (as the little card they gave me advises, though oil is okay). Also, general food ideas for the next day would be appreciated, too.

I am specifically advised not to eat or drink red wine, coffee, tea, red sauces, soy sauce, A-1 sauce, sodas, berries, mustard, or ketchup. But the "stain a white shirt" line is probably the best guide.
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Alfredo sauce and pasta?
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You could slice it, saute it lightly, add some cream, and use it as a sauce on pasta.
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Chicken plus potatoes plus oven. Add herbs.
And cream of mushroom if desired.
White asparagus. White corn. Pastas with white sauces. Shrimp Scampi would be ok (use white wine)
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Make a paste of the zest of half a lemon, one minced garlic clove, 1/2 tsp oregano, some black pepper, 1/2 tsp kosher salt, and a bit of olive oil. Rub all over the chicken breasts then grill or broil them (no marinating needed - you can cook this immediately). Serve with potatoes or rice, and a green vegetable (goes great with asparagus!)
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Add white rice (cook in chicken broth?).
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Sorry, should have added: I keep kosher, so non-diary recipes for the chicken are appreciated. Dairy recipes are good, too, as long as they are vegetarian. Thanks!
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In the pasta vein, sautee garlic in olive oil and use that as a sauce? You could cook the chicken in white wine.
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How about risotto for tomorrow?
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oh, my recipe above is for about 2 servings, so adjust accordingly!
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Mince ginger and garlic, mix with olive oil and a little lemon juice, s+p. Get it all over the chicken, bake or broil. It's simple and delicious (and non-staining).
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White chicken chili is a very good, dairy-free recipe that will keep for a few days. All the recipes online look great, frankly. Just don't add the cheese at the end.
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Potato soup!
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Poach the chix breast while you're figuring out what to eat.

Water and salt is easy...you could do add in herbs, broth, peppers, garlic, ginger.

But lots of water and lots of salt. Lightly poached.
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Spring lemony veggie & herb pasta. It's a little complicated so I make it for special occasions but it tastes supremely yummy at every temperature (great for leftovers) and it's the right time of year for it. You need:

-Pasta that can be toasted in a pan (not spaghetti, yes to shells bowties etc, must be dried)
-A big wide pan
-Mint, parsley, chives & garlic
-Spring veggies like peas, asparagus, leeks, etc (we do broccolini in place of asparagus, green beans would be good, whatever's fresh that you like)
-Parmesan cheese
-Veggie broth
-White wine
-Olive oil & salt & pepper & chili flake

Stick the veggie broth in a sauce pan to heat it up. Prep your herb & veg: Mince a bunch of garlic cloves, set aside. Chop the mint, parsley & chives and set aside. Zest your whole lemon, put zest in with herbs. Juice lemon, set aside. Thinly slice your leek & wash thoroughly. Chop your harder veg (asparagus, beans, broccolini, whatever) into bite sized pieces. Measure out some peas so you don't forget them. If you're doing greens like spinach wash thoroughly. Uncork your wine.

Take your big wide pan and heat up a little olive oil. Add garlic & leeks, cook until translucent. Add a little chili flake to toast in the oil a few seconds. Put in the bigger veggies and cook through, leaving a little crispness. Then dump everything out into a bowl and set aside.

Pour plenty of olive oil in the big wide pan & set to medium high heat. Add a single layer of the pasta (pan should be big enough to fit all the pasta you want on one layer) and toast the uncooked pasta, tossing frequently, until little golden spots start showing up. (This step is important! It makes the starches act right so you get a sauce in the end. This also gets leftover garlicy bits onto the pasta for added yum.)

Then you cook the pasta a little risotto-style. Add a glug of wine, get all the bits up. Let it boil away. Add half the veggie broth, let the pasta cook covered until it's soaked it up. Add more wine, then the rest of the broth, letting it get all cooked into the pasta each time. Test a piece and see if it's still crunchy, if so, add some more water + salt or wine until the pasta is cooked, with a little liquid in the pan, but not much.

Put your cooked vegetables back into the pasta, stir it all up. Pour on the lemon juice, and add the peas (these can be frozen or fresh) and any greens you wanted to put in. Let it come back up to a simmer and combine flavors. Turn off the heat. Then grate a bunch of parmesan on there, and sprinkle with all the lemon zest, mint, parsley & chives you've got. Mix it all up, add salt and pepper to taste. If it seems a little dry, a little olive oil will help. Consume happily for the next three days.
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Chicken and cauliflower curry made with coconut milk and served over white rice.
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For dessert - sliced, peeled apples and pears! Vanilla ice cream! Combine the two!
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Some ideas from Chowhound: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/438504
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chicken piccata! Chicken breasts with a sauce of white wine, lemon, and capers is really delicious.
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Chicken chowder. You can use dairy-free milk.

Cashew and cabbage curry: Shred the chicken. Lightly stir fry with shredded cabbage, cashews, white pepper, garlic. Add coconut milk and simmer.

Pulao: sauté onions, chicken pieces, ginger, and garlic with some cumin. Add water, white veggies (cauliflower or potatoes), and basmati rice, and cook until the rice is done.

For snacks -- plain yogurt or kefir, crackers and cheese, pita bread and tahini, bananas, boiled egg.
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