Help me re-name my blog
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It's a (re)name my blog question. Woo hoo! I created my blog a few years ago to chronicle my explorations of my new home. Almost immediately the focus of the blog changed...but I didn't change the name when I changed the focus. I've finally decided to change the it to something that makes more sense given the current (and future) topic of the blog. Help!

I created my blog back when I first moved up to the North Shore of Minnesota. Almost immediately the focus of the blog went from "Life on the North Shore" to "Hiking and exploring the state of Minnesota". It's been bothering me for a while that the name of the blog doesn't have much to do with the content. I'm going to be leaving the North Shore at the end of the summer (moving back to the Cities to get hitched, hooray!) but the hiking and exploring will continue...we'll just have a different home base.

Here's what we blog about: hiking in MN State Parks, the Superior Hiking Trail, and hiking in other states when we road trip around the region. We also blog about snowshoeing and biking on occasion. Joe's got a nice camera and enjoys taking pictures.

Here's what we are going blog about in addition to hiking: more biking, more snowshoeing, more outdoorsy stuff that we haven't gotten a chance to do yet (camping together, canoeing, etc). We enjoy going on tours of things like mines and caves.

I've thought of a good tagline for the blog: Minnesotans Exploring Minnesota. I just need a name. It should be something to do with Minnesota, something to do with exploring, something to do with the outdoors.

here's some ideas that we've had thus far:

* Explore Minnesota: this is actually the main travel & tourism site name for the state, so it's already taken.

* The Ladyslipper and the Loon: Joe likes this one but I think it sounds like a Ye Olde Tavern/Northwoods Lodge mashup.

* The Babe and the Blue Ox: Joe is really tall and broadshouldered, so I guess he'd be the Blue Ox? I don't know if I consider myself much of a babe. This one is funny but it doesn't have much to do with hiking. I could be swayed if everyone loves it.

* Gopher a Hike: Well...yeah. Minnesotan and hiking.

Here's a link to my blog. If you want to get an idea of what a normal post looks like (as opposed to my current "woe woe winter will never end" posts), click on the "Minnesota State Parks" label. Or any of the ones on the sidebar.

Any ideas?
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I Heart Minnesota.

Minnesota: The Great Outdoors

Minnesota State Parks and Beyond
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Ten Thousand Lakes
North Star State of Mind
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Inspired by hanoixan:

Super Expidocious

(Mary Poppins ref:
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Minnesota Rambles

Midwest Wanderlust

The Land of 10,000 Hikes

(PS - I like your blog & it has inspired me to take our family to some of those parks this summer.)
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The Babe and the Blue Ox is really good! Then you could wear matching caps - his blue or with an ox stitched on - or little pins to keep the theme in your photos.
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Minnesota to The Max
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The Google tells me Minnesota means "sky-tinted water," which would be a pretty cool name, and that its motto is "The Star of the North," which you could do various things with. "Following our star," or something. Your state song also contains some lyrics that would do well as an outdoorsy blog name: "the stream that bends to sea" and "the pine that seeks the blue."

I blog about my state and people ask me to explain the title all the time, though I thought it was pretty self-explanatory when I picked it. It can start some good conversations, but if you want to avoid that, maybe pick something blindingly obvious like "Minnesota Outdoors."
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'Great North Woulds:
Minnesotans Exploring Minnesota.'

The problem with 'Babe and the Blue Ox' to my mind is that Babe is the Blue Ox.
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Uff Da Hike? Because, you know, hiking makes you tired.
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Or, Ole and Lena Go Hiking
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