I need wide-legged, elastic waist, petite pants - for my grandmother
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My grandmother needs some wide-legged, petite (preferably, I can hem them if needed) elastic waist pants.

She has a catheter bag, and her current pants fit over it, but are causing too much stress to the bag. Her usual style is sort of Koret/Alfred Dunner.

One of the ladies at the assisted living place suggested "traveling pants" but if you search for that term on Google, you get a lot of hits for the book/movie. I've tried looking up senior clothing, and come up with a lot of adaptive clothing, but she's not to the point where she needs that specifically.

I found some palazzo pants, but they are really wide-legged, and she may balk at wearing them.

Any suggestions?
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I have a pair of these Kamala Pants by Synergy Clothing and they are super comfy. The legs are wide but the abdomen is relatively fitted, but it's a soft, stretchy cotton. As comfortable as pajamas.

However, they are not so yoga-esque that I can't wear them to work, with the appropriate top.
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These pants from J.Jill?

Their wearever line basically feels like wearing PJs all day (although they don't look anything like PJs).
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J.Jill has a lot of polished, petite pants -- here are the wide-legged options.
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Oh, let me second the JJill Wearever suggestion. I have several pieces in that line and really like them, and they're probably more like what your grandmother wants from a pair of slacks.
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You can find pants like that at every walmart, sears and the like. Briggs elastic waist petite's pants at sears. On overstock: Focus 2000 Women's Elastic Waist Career Pants.
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Norm Thomson
has petites and "travel system" pants that might do the trick.
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Maybe Buck & Buck?
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If you do a search for "travel pants" (and not "traveling") you'll get more pants, less movie links.

Browsing through the Chico's site, specifying "travel pants" returns you pants with elastic waists, like this one.
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Look for plain black non-petite capri yoga pants too. They are often the correct length for those of us hovering around 5 feet high. Be sure that the yoga pants aren't fitted or flare leg since that type may be too narrow.
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These Bob Mackie knit pants are very roomy and drape-y, with lots of color options (although note that many reviewers complain that the petite length is still too long), and the price is very reasonable.
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My mom is super into Lands End Sport Knit Pants. They come in petite! They have pockets! See also their Starfish line.
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