What are ways to optimize a one-day-a-week work/consulting arrangement?
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Pro tips for organizing my time? Segregating work time from non-work (when everyone else is working 5 days a week)? Other dos/don'ts?

I'm considering doing some work part time, in a corporate setting, while I otherwise work on personal projects. I want to optimize for mutual benefit, while keeping the rest of my week to myself. I know the people I'd be working with pretty well, and don't have to "sell" my work.
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Best answer: Have an agenda for each day you're going to be there and try to get it into everybody else's hands a day or two ahead of time. Not that it always helps, but especially if they're there every day, you can't necessarily spring "and today we're going to do X" on them even if X is really important, because maybe they scheduled Y for then. If you email a few days before and say, here's what I'm planning on, if anybody has a problem with this let me know ASAP, then that allows for some rearranging as necessary. And make sure everybody knows how to contact you, and that if you're not, say, checking those messages daily, they know when you are going to check them, so they have some idea of what to expect from contacting you.

I'm not sure these always work, but it's what I try to hold to with the IT stuff I do for my grandparents' church, so that I can set aside one day to go in and do the many small tasks that pile up, and it at least helps a little. If possible, also make sure you're in the loop for who's going to be out when, when others get in and leave, that kind of thing. I spent two weeks making extra trips in and baffled because the office manager was never there during the posted hours only to find out that the hours had changed but the new ones hadn't been posted. Clearly that's not likely to come up in a corporate environment, but people taking vacations and FMLA leave are a thing.
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