IVE GOT A WART i want it gone
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i have this wart right near my knee on the side

my question is it possible to remove without going to doctor, i also have high blood ressure it doesnt hurt but its annoying its about the size of a thumb tip for a large guy and no im not takeing meds i cant afford the doctor visits req to kee the meds comeing and it hasnt really grown that ive seen i just noticed it one day and it was there like a mushroom
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I used to have plantars warts and got rid of them by taking ridiculously high amounts of vitamin C - like 4,000-6,000mg per day. IANAD.
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I've always found Compound W to work well. Just make sure the wart is always covered with it and a band-aid. Every once in a while, clip off the dead top layers before reapplying the medicine. My 9 year old had a gigantic wart on his finger a few months ago, and, using this method, it was gone within 2 weeks.
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Yes, there are ways to treat warts at home. I had one as a kid and it was treated with liquid nitrogen, basically frozen instantly.
There is a product called Wartner on the marked, that I did not try, but that is supposed to work the same way. Here is their video. You could check out other products (there are several different brands) and videos about removal on youtube. Hope that helps.
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I have heard that putting duct tape on it works. When I had mine many years ago I used the Compound W for a while. Then I just went to the doctor and had them use liquid nitrogen or something like it to freeze it off. It worked. It fell apart slowly, then I jammed it in my locker by accident, it bled everywhere, it got rid of the top of the wart to expose the black center. The top skin fell off and I was healed. Go to a dermatologist and get it frozen off.
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Banana skin.

This is going to sound silly, and I'm about as non-woo as they come, but IT WORKS.

Peel a banana, cut a square of peel just big enough to fully cover the wart. Slap it on with the inner peel facing down (i.e. in contact with the wart). Seal with Band-aids. Change daily. It will shrink and gradually disappear.

Killed a couple of warts on my feet that had been hanging around forever. Painless and virtually free. :)
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Pretty cool banana trick, Salamander! Here is a video on youtube where they applied the banana peel for a week.
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Yeah, the banana trick really does work.
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I think zipping into urgent care or a minute clinic at cvs ought to help. Just get them to use liquid nitrogen on it and be done with it. It shouldn't be that expensive at an urgent care or minute clinic.
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I have successfully ridded myself of warts using Pigface (Carpobrotus glaucescens). You just snap a piece off and rub it on.
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I'm not a woo-woo person, and don't believe things like visualization and attitude have much effect on most health issues. But hypnosis does work for a few things, and experienced hypnotists will tell you that warts, surprisingly, are among them.

Visualize it shrinking. Get lost in the visualization. Make yourself keenly believe it - like learning to believe a lie in order to dupe a lie detector test. Do this methodically. Cultivate that intense "belief" until it's akin to a spotlight of attention you can focus there at will. You'll be surprised how effective it is.

Don't assume such tactics will work on, like, pimples or tumors, though. Or, really, pretty much anything else medical and material (stuff like pain, anxiety, and habit-breaking are another story). But warts, for some strange reason, really do respond. Only them.
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If by "size of a thumb tip" you mean about 1/2"--that sounds unusually huge and unusually fast growth for a wart. Are you even sure it's a wart?
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Response by poster: well thats what the doc said and i only noticed it one day its not like its a part of my body i look at alot heh
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My daughter had a stubborn wart about that size on her toe for years. Other OTC products failed, but Compound W Fast Acting Gel took care of it in a few days.
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After four particularly stubborn warts on the bottoms of my feet (that survived TWO rounds of liquid nitrogen treatment by my PCP), here's what worked for me.

Before bed:
Soaked feet in a mix of water and vinegar (not sure how easy it is to soak your knee).
Scrape off any dead skin with a pumice stone
Dry thoroughly
Apply Compound W liberally and air dry completely. The gel didn't work as well for me (took forever to dry) and the adhesive pads didn't stay stuck.

It took two weeks for them to be completely gone, but it did work.
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