Terry Pratchett's favo[u]rite limerick?
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I'm trying to find Terry Pratchett's favo[u]rite limerick.

Some time back I read something about Terry Pratchett (an interview, I think) where he mentioned his favorite limerick.

The conceit was that a man and a woman go off for some alone time and the narrator didn't get to watch. I think it ends something like "And I didn't see what came after."

I've had no luck finding the poem, mostly because I can't remember any lines from it or any exact phrases on the page where I read it, but also because of Limerick and people talking about their hopes for a visit etc.

Is this ringing any bells with anyone?

Incidentally, you get different results in search engines depending on whether you use the American or British spelling of "favorite," even outside of "exact phrase" searches. Other variations in spelling ["flavor," "criticize," etc.] show the same result. This is not terribly helpful when you're looking for something that matches a concept, not a specific spelling of the word for that concept.
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I've asked on the pTerry forum I visit periodically. I'll post back if I get an answer.
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I've kept looking and also asked on pTwitter and got no response. Might just be one of those things you can't find until you're not looking for it.
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