Hope me weed-n-feed my lawn
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Problem: I have a bag of weed-n-feed and it says to set my spreader at 3 1/2. My over-20-year-old broadcast spreader has settings of 22-to-32. What's the proper conversion?

• A very old, tiny Scott's EasyGreen broadcast spreader. Easily 20 years old. The settings are all double-digit, 22 through 32.
• A bag of Scott's Turf Builder Weed-n-Feed. The bag says to set your broadcast spreader to 3 1/2.

I'm unable to find any sort of conversion chart for the two settings. The Scott's website has a widget that claims to provide the info, but keeps coming up with "No Information Found" when I use it.

Any help from those with greener thumbs than I will be greatly appreciated.
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3.5 is a third of the way up the scale on the modern ones, so I'd go with 25 on yours.
posted by Etrigan at 4:01 PM on May 5, 2014

Best answer: I don't know which exact product you have, but when I look at, e.g. this product page the Details and Usage section gives three spreader settings. The third setting is for EasyGreen spreaders, and is 27 1/2. Try finding your product on their page and check the details and usage section.
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Response by poster: agentofselection...That's the bag of weed-n-feed. I swear, I scoured that website and didn't see that setting information. Many thanks!
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