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Maintenance workers used my outside water spigot to fill up the gargantuan tanks on their trucks. No surprise, my water bill sky rocketed. I bought and installed a spigot lock which worked like a charm for about a year. Now, with warm weather and the need to water fast approaching, I can't get the damn thing off!

The lock works by screwing on the spigot itself, sealing off the flow of water. To remove it you insert a magnetic key and screw it off. Now it just spins and spins and won't come off ... please help!
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The first thing I'd check is the manufacturer, and if you have a model number, look that up too. Chances are you aren't the first person to have the problem. I'd call them and ask what they recommend.

(and I hope you got reimbursed for the stolen water, that's crazy).
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Googling around trying to get an idea of what this thing was, I found this one on Amazon. Not sure if this is same/similar to your lock. There is at least one review that claims the same thing happened to them, and did not have a satisfactory result. However, there is a comment claiming that contacting the manufacturer is helpful. I think the best thing you can do at this point is try calling them. Good luck!
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yes, that's exactly the one. Very well, I'll contact the manufacturer and hope for the best. No, I did not get reimbursed, they denied, denied, denied and finally I let it go. Thank you guys for your help.
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If it's just plastic you could get a screwdriver and a hammer and pry / break it off. That could potentially damage the spigot. So the best bet (if the manf. doesn't help) would be to call a plumber. Replacing the spigot head is not a huge undertaking.
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If it's plastic then some time with a dremel tool should get it off. If it's metal then an angle grinder (can probably rent one somewhere pretty cheap). I'd probably look for a handyman rather than a plumber; this doesn't really have much to do with the pipes or spigot itself.
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