Thanksgiving Dinner served in NYC
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Feed me and my sister Thanksgiving Dinner in NYC.

Barring that, you could, you know, point me in the direction of a restaurant I can get reservations at that would be doing turkey and the trimmings. I live in the city but I don't know any good references yet ('cept you guys!) for looking up something like this.

Any other cool ideas for Thanksgiving Weekend are also appreciated. We're already seeing the G-Love concert and a musical the next night.
I'm in Upper West Side, I'd prefer a buffet, and my budget for dinner is up to $100 for the two of us.
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If you use Open Table, they have a list of their registered restaurants that are doing Thanksgiving dinners.
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One Fish, Two Fish on 97th and Madison does a decent Thanksgiving spread each year. Probably run you about $45 for the 2 of you.
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On the OpenTable link provided above, I changed the 6:00 p.m. (default?) to 7:00 p.m.; the search results returned were 106 restaurants (that's for Manhattan; you can select other parts of NYC as well).

Note that OpenTable is free, and you don't have to register before you do searches.

Also, if you use the regular OpenTable search feature, you can limit your search results to certain price ranges (as well as cuisines).
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one year when i didn't go home for thx-g, i volunteered at the kitchen of the big church on broadway & 12th -- grace episcopal? since then i've found volunteering on holidays very fulfilling when i can't be with my family.

not that this really answers your question. just sayin', that's all...
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I ended up using OpenTable to grab a spot at the Amsterdam Tapas place near Columbia. It was tasty :)
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