They Like Ike?
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What are some examples of rappers comparing their skills to Ike Turner's domestic violence?

Xibit in X and Jay-Z during his unfortunate guest-appearance on Beyonce's Drunken Love both use Ike Turner's infamous domestic violence as similes for how great they are.


Strictly for my own curiosity, I'd like to compile a list of other examples from hip hop where Ike being a wife-beater is used as a metaphor or simile for the rapper's greatness. Help me out, AskMe?
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Ice Cube in "Down for Whatever."
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(Though he doesn't directly compare his rap skills to Ike Turner's violence. It's more of a general admiration thing.)
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Welcome to Atlanta (Coast to Coast Remix); Murphy Lee's verse

"Don't need a burna we learn from Ike Turner"
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There are a lot more references to this than there should be, in my humble opinion. Here are a few:

Machine Gun Funk - Notorious B.I.G.

Diamonds from Sierra Leone
- Kanye West

Murda Something - ASAP Ferg

Bank - Pac Div

Who Knew - Eminem

Tool Time - Young Sam

And what is perhaps my, um, favorite, example of this, the song Deuces by Chris Brown (of all people) references Tina hitting Ike. At least it's not Chris Brown singing that particular verse.
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I think this is close to what you want, from The Roots "The Lesson Part 3 (It's Over Now)":
That it's the Black Thought, controllin like Ike Turner
You wanna get wise, you best to be a fast learner
Again, this is close, but maybe not exactly. From The Roots "Somebody's gotta do it":
I flip like my name Turner
That's for certain nigga, Ted Turner, Nat Turner, nigga Ike Turner
The raw sojourner for truth
The mic burner
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Search for Anna Mae or Tina Turner on rapgenius and you get a lot of results as well. If you're surprised by rap artists discussing horrific historic events in songs, don't be. It's completely common. Everything from the holocaust (from the boss when I toss too much knowledge kicked in you're lost in a shuffle of feet, Jinx the fiddler, and I control your mind like Hitler) to the Reagan assassination attempt and resulting injuries suffered by Jim Brady (Slim Shady, brain dead like), to the American government's treatment of Haiti (Turn this shit over like Bush did a boatload of Haitians). If it is an event with historical significance, it's likely going to get used.
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