New book out last month? I had no idea
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I used to really like Goodreads, in particular for its "new releases by authors on your shelf" monthly pages (must be logged in). Except those no longer actually show the new releases by the authors on my shelves. Is there some other site that will create those pages for me? I'd prefer it not by email but will accept it, and I'd like to be able to import the authors from GR. Any other way of seeing upcoming releases by authors I have read would be fine too.
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If you click on an author's name on Amazon and go to the Amazon Author Page for that author, there's a link in the right-hand column "E-mail me when there are new releases by [author name]."

If you don't like getting it via e-mail and use RSS for other subscriptions, you could set up an email-to-RSS service for these notifications.

Don't know of any methods that will let you import your authors list from Goodreads, sorry.
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That feature is still working for me on Goodreads. It doesn't have the June titles yet, but in my experience they usually don't post very far ahead.
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Response by poster: The page works, but it's incomplete -- there are books coming out tomorrow by authors whose every previous novel is on my shelves, but which aren't on my upcoming books this month page. So it's not particularly useful.

Email-to-rss looks like a really annoying kludge. "Already published books you haven't read by authors you have read" would be okay, too.
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Is this something you noticed only recently? Apparently, they're working on the New Releases page. You might want to make a comment over there to see if your problem is something they can fix.
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Response by poster: Thanks, I commented there.
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There's also AuthorAlerts.
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