Getting a room on short notice
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I have the opportunity to book a Boston show with a solo artist for 22 May and have been struggling to find a room for him to play. Details under the cut.

I'm looking for an intimate space (250 or less) with a PA. We're still discussing the details, but this should be a solo acoustic show. My budget for a room is $100-200 for the night. Something that's T accessible would be great -- I'd prefer something in the Camberville area but will take any suggestions.

Of the spaces I've tried, the Armory Cafe, Outpost 186, and the Democracy Center are booked. I've contacted the Lily Pad and Third Life Studio but have yet to hear back.

Finally, I'm well aware of the fact that this is kind of short notice. This opportunity just came up last night and I want to see if this is feasible. Thanks!
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This may be a stupid question, but do you have any contacts with the local universities - whether campus facilities or music departments - and/or their relevant student organizations? As long as you don't have high expectations about serving alcohol or selling tickets you could probably get support from that direction.
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The Davis Square Theater looks like it's open that night. I have no idea about their prices, but I have been to an acoustic show in that space and the acoustics were better than I expected.
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Also, church? Depends on the kind of show and whether it would add to the atmosphere or isolate your target audience. They are built for acoustics!
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Club Cafe in Boston has a nice space that is $250/night, which includes a bartender and someone to run the sound and light boards. Thursday nights in Spring aren't usually too hard to get, even on short notice.
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I don't see anything booked that date for the Regent in Arlington.
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How about tiny Club Passim?
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These are all great suggestions. Just to quickly respond to two of them: I have contacted the Regent and Passim and both clubs are booked. Since the artist in question is coming from out of town, I do need to find someplace where I can charge a cover.

I have emails in to Davis Square and Club Cafe. Fingers crossed that one of those will work out.
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It looks like the show will go on at the Davis Square Theatre!
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The Sanctuary at First Church seats 500, but is one of the more beautiful spaces for acoustic sets in the area.

Their smaller hall (seats 200) is booked for choir practice at 7:45p.
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