Tunics & Kurtis, shipped from inside the US?
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I'm a bit obsessed with women's tunics at the moment. Especially ones that have a semi-Indian look. Metafilter is so great at finding amazing clothing resources and I wondered if anyone has a good source for tunics or kurtis shipped from inside the United States? (I'm concerned about customs or courier fees for items shipped from other countries.) Thanks for any leads!
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Where are you located? Where I live (Bay Area) there are abundant Indian clothing stores to buy from directly...if you're in a city, maybe there are some near you. In Berkeley, there's a stretch of a few blocks filled with sari stores. (Unfortunately it doesn't look like any of them have websites, at first glance...)
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You might like HolyClothing.com
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Best answer: How about Marketplace of India? Their products are made by cooperatives in India but it's mail order in the US so no issues with importing. These are semi-westernized versions but lots of tunics.
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I have ordered from Fabindia, which ships direct from India, with zero customs issues. Nice quality, reasonable prices, and things have gotten to me in less than 2 weeks, which I thought was pretty good. Sizing does run small, I will say, but many of the men's kurtas are not so manly that a lady couldn't wear them also. Shipping is free for orders over $100 US.
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Best answer: I have a few beautiful kurtas from Islamic Outfitters. They always seem to have sales going on. Pretty sure they were based out of the US.
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You might like Symbology.
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