Which Nutrition/Calorie Tracker does all this?
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I'm on myfitnesspal, and I love it because if I search for pretty much any food I can find in the grocery store, somebody has very likely already added it to the database. The big problem- it is very limited in its ability to track beyond the basic macronutrient groups and the major vitamins. Is there something like myfitnesspal that has a huge user entered database of foods *as well as* a way to see big pretty colorful breakdowns of vitamins/minerals, etc in a given day of your diet? If it has an app for ios & a website even better!
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This answer from a recent askme might get you at least part of what you're looking for.
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i used to use nutrition data (it looks like it has been taken over by self magazine). Other than the app, I think it might do what you are hoping. It has very pretty graphs and charts. Here is the one for pineapple.
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The MFP ipad app actually can give you nutrient breakdowns at the vitamin level. Still not entirely what you're looking for, but poke around with it (if you can) because it's a lot better than the website as far as that goes.
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I use cron-o-meter, which has both web and download versions. It is used by people who do calorie restricted optimized nutrition and tracks all vitamins and minerals, and gives percentage breakdowns of how close you are to meeting target RDA's.
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cron-o-meter is excellent but doesn't have a massive user-based database, all those entries are validated or your own (in which case you have to enter them manually). and any site that has a massive user-generated database is going to be iffy on that kind of granular breakdown. All calorie counters are estimates, though of course some estimates are rougher than others.

For a rough idea, mfp has it, and as of a few years ago, fitday.com and I think caloriecount.com did too.
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Sparkpeople does this.
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