DSL modem recomendations (VDSL2, specifically)
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I'm going to be having DSL for the first time in many years and need a recommendation on a modem.

I'm used to just buying a Surfboard cable modem and then using a router of my choosing, but I'm seeing almost all DSL modems have built-in routers. Can they all be truly disabled? I'm kind of a network neat freak and tend to do some complex QoS stuff along with pretty detailed port configuration.

I'm in Seattle, and am getting the 40/20 Mbs package from Century Link. I believe it's VDSL2, so that limits the choices.

Currently thinking the Zyxel Q1000Z is the front-runner, but I'd love to hear from DSL users.

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Response by poster: Shit, "recommendations"... duh.
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Why not just stick your own router behind the router in the cable modem?
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When I had CenturyLink, I disabled the router part of the 2Wire DSL modem they gave me. I don't remember the exact steps, but I think it involved setting the modem into bridge mode. My own router connected over PPPoE and handled port forwarding and such. Can't say if they can all be configured like that, but bridge mode might be something to look for.
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Response by poster: Well, time was of the essence, so I got the Q1000Z.

I'll update this when I get it configured. Seems to be a solid device.
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Response by poster: Well, this router/modem is pretty outstanding!

Decent configuration options, good wireless speeds, and TREMENDOUS wireless range. Had to give it a reboot about 8 days in, but I'm using PLEX on my Chromecast constantly streaming at 20Mbit quality.

All in all, couldn't be happier. 5 Ghz would've been nice, but I only own 2 devices that use that, so no biggie.

Would recommend.
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