Help me identify these black heroines
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I saw an interesting folk art painting in a shop window the other day. It's a group portrait of about a dozen renowned black women. I could only name some of them off hand, though, and was trying to figure out who the rest were. Can you help?

Here's an image of the original painting, and here's one with the figures numbered.

This is what I've got so far:

1 --- Michelle Obama
3 --- Maya Angelou
7 – Harriet Tubman
9 – Madame C.J. Walker?
11 – Oprah?
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10 looks like Rosa Parks to me.
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8 might be Toni Morrison.
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2 is definitely Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
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I think 9 is Mary McLeod Bethune.
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2 Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

What maximum sensing said
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5 is Coretta Scott King.
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I think 8 is Winnie Mandela.
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Could 6 be Carol Moseley Braun?
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I think 12 is Anna Tibaijuka.
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13 is Dr Wangari Maathai, I think.
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Best answer: Here is the artist's website (?). The title of the paining is "Sisters in Conference". Scroll to the bottom row to see it. You've encountered a later version, which is different than the original.
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What's interesting to me is that my eye for pattern recognition is better than my knowledge of important Black women--I wouldn't have dreamed that was Amy Garvey.
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Interesting: the artist also has a male version, "Ancestors in Conference". On both, there's a wispy figure of a person (female in yours, male in "Ancestors") in the left rear, between the curtains. Anybody know what that figure signifies?
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Response by poster: awesome work, guys.
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I was trying to identify all the men in "Ancestors in Conference" painting and I found one mention that the wispy figure in that painting represents "the Unknown Soldier". In the "Sisters" painting, maybe the figure similarly represents uncelebrated heroines throughout history.
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