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If you liked rock/punk music and you lived in Mexico in the late '80s and early '90s, what Mexican bands did you like?
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Maná? My experience is with spanish-language music, but not necessarily Mexican. Maná may be too mainstream.

Los Rodriguez "Sin documentos"

Seguridad Social.
"Quiero Tener Tu Presencia"
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Los Amantes del Lola.
Maldita Vecindad.
The Plugz were a few years earlier (and Mexican-American, strictly), but hugely influential.

You might try researching the history of Rock en Español for more.
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I really enjoyed What Do You Think?, a Mexican film from 1985 about a bunch of gritty street punk teenagers. A significant chunk of the film is live footage from a rock club the characters are seeing real life bands play at. I don't have any information on the bands in the movie, and I can't vouch that they would be famous or remembered enough for it to matter, but the film might be a good resource for you.
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mykescipark has it. Fobia was a bit too fresa, though.

I'd add Tijuana No and Cuca.

Never Maná. Too mainstream, they are as hated as Justin Bieber.

Punks those days listened to bands like Rebel d'Punk, Espécimen and Atoxxxico. The "urban rockers" (rock fans from the poorest parts of Mexico City), listened to El Haragán and El Tri (one of the oldest and most famous Mexican rock bands).
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Café Tacuba/Café Tacvba might be better thought of as the Mexican Talking Heads than the Mexican Pixies, but they have their loud moments, and are consistently astonishing.

Start with Re and Avalancha de Exitos, but their whole discography is worth checking out.
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Since The Plugz are included in once of your best answers I'll throw out Los Lobos, another L.A.-based Mexican-American band. They started around the same time and are still together.
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El Tri are very influential, but sadly quite horrible, musically.

There are some good suggestions above, I'd probably add La Castañeda. Check out "Cenit" and "Noches de tu piel", their two biggest hits.
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