Eating vegetarian in Copenhagen
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Me and my friends are visiting Copenhagen in mid-May and I'm having a hard time finding vegetarian restaurants. Help us eat dinner!

While I know that the danish loves their pölse I didn't think that it would be so difficult finding a vegetarian place. Every restaurant I've looked up online only have fish and meat on their menus - even the vegetarian suggestions from Copenhagens own touristsite are mostly meat/fish. We've booked a table at an indian restarant one night (Kashmir) but it would be nice to have something else also, maybe a good tapas place?
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Try the Happy Cow listing, it seems pretty comprehensive. Also the Vegguide.
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In Copenhagen, you have RizRaz, and 42 Raw, and here's a link to the visitcopenhagen search page outlining "vegetarian".

hope you find something good!

btw, it's "pølse" :)
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Go to Manfreds & Vin, they have a vegetarian meal of the day as well as a set menu which is mostly vegetable based and can be completely vegetarian, if you ask. BioMio in the Meatpacking district also has some good vegetarian options, and Mother (right next to it) has some great vegetarian pizzas.

Restaurants that are "vegetarian only" are rarely very good around here, but most more modern restaurants have good vegetarian options available, I think. Smørrebrød can be harder, but you can get a great potato "sandwich" (kartoffelmad) at Dyrehaven or Aamann's Deli.

Also, please don't go to RizRaz. That is such a tourist trap and the food is horrible.
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Yeah, what coraline says: I would avoid RizRaz and 42 Raw like the plague and stick to potato smørrebrød. Traditional Danish food is meat or fish-based. But I often choose the vegetarian menu at better places, and almost all have them.
One thing to think about, and express clearly when going somewhere. Here, it is normal to call a meal which contains fish vegetarian. I find this very strange, but I don't mind. If you don't eat fish, tell the wait-person this.
What is your budget? Michelin-restaurant Kiin Kiin is said to have an excellent vegetarian option. It doesn't say on the web-page, so you might want to send them a mail. Same with Relæ, the big sister of Manfreds & Vin. I have tried Relæ, and it is an adventure, though I might prefer a beer to their very strange wine menu.
L'altro is another great place, where you can choose a vegetarian option, as is Scarpetta
The chef here at Lumskebugten is renowned for having taught the Danes to eat vegetables back in the seventies, he is still a great chef and has a vegetarian option.
LêLê is another very popular restaurant, and they have a vegetarian curry.
Enjoy your stay!
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I forgot: the good restaurants in Christiania have vegetarian food: Spiseloppen and Morgenstedet
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I ate very well as a vegetarian in Copenhagen. I remember one meal at Ida Davidsen fondly, where you can visually choose which smørrebrød are available. We also had an Indian meal one night and grabbed some good falafel for lunch.
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