Apartment hunting in Charleston SC - where to begin?
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I'm going to be moving to Charleston in August to begin a job at CofC. I'm looking to balance affordability, a reasonable commute, and if possible, a safe, interesting, walkable/bikable neighborhood. Where should I live? Other than Craigslist, where should I be searching for an apartment?

I've seen this question, and my criteria are just different enough that I thought it was worth asking separately. Here's the relevant info:

-I'm on a starting professor's salary, but my wife and daughter will be living elsewhere and maintaining a separate household, so I'd like not to spend more than I need to. Nonetheless, they'll be visiting for long enough periods that if I can swing a 2 bedroom, I'd like to. Is this possible for somewhere around $1000/mo?

-I'll be working at the College of Charleston and would highly value not having to spend an hour in traffic every morning and afternoon. I'd love to be able to bike commute if that's a safe and feasible option in this city -- up to 5 miles each way would be no trouble if there's a safe route.

-I'd also be excited to live in a neighborhood with any of the following: interesting food options, green spaces or paths for running/biking.

Where do I start my search? Are there neighborhoods/suburbs that I should prioritize, given these criteria? Other than craigslist, where do Charlestonians look for apartments?
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