A code editor that allows me to hilghight selected snippets of code?
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I'm not talking about creating editable regions in a template. I want to select little details and highlight them so they're easy to find.
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In notepad++ you can right click a region of selected text and select the 'style token' option which lets you highlight things one of six colors. I doubt it gets saved between sessions, though. I'm not a real coder, so maybe there are other more specific tools professional programmers use.
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Sublime Text does this by default. In fact you can edit all of them as well.
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You could do this very easily in vim. Either using search highlighting for one-off uses, or modify the appropriate syntax file to treat the phrases you want in the way you want
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Adding to bitdamaged response. The feature is often called multiple cursors, but the documentation calls it select all. It is the feature that made me switch to sublime text.
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Sorry, my question wasn't clear. I'm not looking for a way to mark text so I can change it. I want to background-color certain areas of text so that when I save the file and then come back to it later, those areas will pop out visually. I'm talking about highlighting the way you highlight with a highlight marker in a paper document, so the text can be easily spotted. Zalzidrax addressed the question I'm asking. Unfortunately, as he surmised, the highlighting doesn't get saved between sessions.
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Kate (and I assume kdevelop) have persistent bookmarks, which highlight a particular line in a color scheme of your choice.
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If you can edit syntax highlighting rules in your editor, you can probably designate a special commented-out symbol or word to start and stop a background color.
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