Recs for Top Down/Bottom Up Blinds?
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I am looking for recommendations for top down/bottom up blinds. The main requirement is that they be fairly durable over time. (I have done some internet searching and Hunter Douglas seems to be a favorite for quality, though a little out of my price range, but I hear Sears may sell blinds made by them under a different name).
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After shopping around, we found the best price on the Hunter Douglas ones through Costco one year ago. They've held up great so far; no fading although they face west in the hot southwestern sun, and the bottom blackout panels are effective.
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My folk's vacation house has the Hunter Douglas installed throughout the house. After 5 years or so now, they've held up quite well. Very satisfied.
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I've got a set of Levolors that were vastly more affordable than the Hunter Douglas ones I could find. I've only had them for about a year, so I can't tell you about long-term durability, but I will say they work as well and look as good as they did a year ago.
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I have Crystal Pleat blinds in my den, and they've held up extremely well for 19 years! I think I originally ordered them through Lowes, but of course they are available online now :)

They are Graber brand I should add.
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