Like Whatthefont but for interior products? Help me find my dream sink?
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Is there a website/forum/secret society that can help identify specific products from pictures submitted? This time, specifically, I'm looking for this gorgeous bathroom sink, or something remotely close to it. But in general, i wonder if there's place that functions like Whatthefont does for fonts, where you upload a picture, and a community of enthusiasts can comment with their best guess on the origin of the item. Thanks!
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Maybe Reddit's /r/homeimprovement or /r/diy.
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People post "where can I find . . . ?" questions on ApartmentTherapy sometimes. Like this question.
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Not helping in the general case, but that bathroom sink seems to be from a company called Agape: Below: in the remodelled powder room, an anastasia Wiltshire portrait hangs above a hand basin by italian design firm Agape.

My guess is that it's Ottocento painted black, with black hardware.
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Another option is a reverse Google Image Search:

1) Go to
2) Click on the lil camera icon in the search field
3) Upload from your computer, or give it a URL of a publicly-accessible image
4) Hit search!
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For part two of your question: um, Ask Metafilter?

I mean, you got your exact sink there in less than an hour (jacquilynne absolutely nails it, and the sink comes in a two-two white/dark grey version so it's probably not even painted). I bet if you added an update asking for additional similar sinks you'll probably get more suggestions. I mean, Italian designer sink with only 3 dealers in the US too complicated? Here's some Kohler options (Bannon, Brockway, Iron Flute with console mount) that should be much easier to source.
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You may have some luck with Houzz.
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Oh wow indeed, Metafilter wins! Thanks guys for the options, i should have no problem taking from there. I'm based in the NL, but as long as i know the manufacturer i can probably manage to get it delivered.
I'll keep an eye on apartment therapy, but indeed, the efficiency of Metafilter is unbeatable!
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There are some real obsessives on the Gardenweb forums who answer questions like these.
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