Looking for Journalist inside experience attending Cooking School
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Several years ago I read a book about a journalist that went to cooking school covertly, and wrote about his experience. The school might have been in Chicago. I was just trying to find the book again. If not, any other titles would be good as I have a friend who wants to attend a cooking school and I can give him an idea of perhaps what it would be like, routines, etc.
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Likely Michael Ruhlman's book The Making of a Chef which, while it was not entirely covert, fits your request of a book about going to cooking school.
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Is it the nonfiction book about the writer that gave up his working life to attend the CIA, much to the chagrin of his wife? I can't remember the title or the author -- I do remember that his experience wasn't really covert.
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There's Heat, by Bill Buford. I don't remember if he went to school first, but he ended up working for Mario Batali.
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As per this article, I think you're thinking of Michael Ruhlman.
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Heat is not the book you are looking for but it's definitely worth reading.
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Bingo! The making of a Chef was the book,But heat looks great I'll check it out, thanks for the help everyone.
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