Extending our wireless network in a three story condo
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I live in a three story/family condo. We have been sharing cable Internet access for the last few years. It works fine. I've extended the signal with a few old dd-wrt routers configured as wireless repeaters. However, we want a little more out of this network. By searching some past posts, I've found a few options, but would like some input before I make a final decision.

Stronger Wireless Repeaters: Thinking about these, but they are little more than I want to spend, but if I will see a big improvement, it would be worth it.

Powerlines: Something like these powerline adapters seem like they would be great, but the problem is that we don't share the electrcity. We each have our own box in the basement. Therefore, I'm assuming that this is out of the question. Am I correct?

I was thinking of wired access points, but we don't have holes in our ceilings/floors right now, and we don't want to drill into our floors/ceilings.

Any other ideas? Thanks!
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I just installed these Cable to Ethernet adapters to bring Ethernet to the TV and game console in the den. It's basically the powerline adapter idea, but it uses your cable TV coax instead. Any room wired for cable can have Ethernet.

(I also added a cheap 8 port switch in the den for more versatility.)

You'll need two (one fore the router side, another for the destination), unless you've got an Actiontec router already.
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I was looking at one of the Cable to Ethernet adapters, but since the building is a condo with separate cable for the three units, I don't think that this will work. Thanks though!
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