I ♥ my White Apple Wireless Keyboard, but it's time for a change!
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I am looking for suggestions on a full-sized, wireless keyboard (Bluetooth or non-Bluetooth) that would be a worthy replacement for my old, disgusting White Extended Apple Wireless Keyboard.

I am a professional video editor and visual-effects artist, who is in love with the old full-size Apple "White" Keyboard, in particular the Wireless Bluetooth version. I have to resort to buying them used on eBay, which is a horrifying thing to consider, given the unsavory activities that generally take place when using a computer keyboard. Given their continuing rarity, as well as the fact that all the used units I own seem to have varying levels of flakiness in regards to Bluetooth connectivity, I need to find an alternative.

I know that Apple sells a wireless version of their newer slim aluminum keyboards, but these keyboards are a non-starter for me because they lack extended keys (the numeric keypad, F13-F16 keys and the dedicated "Help/Home/PageUp/Delete/End/PageDown" keys. Also, the function keys on the newer keyboards are way too small for my tastes. I also prefer the feel of the "smushier" key-presses on the older Apple Keyboards.

I am also skeptical of "add on" numeric-keypad hacks, like this LMP keypad. I've seen many reviews of these units, most of which are lukewarm at best.

The White Apple Wireless Keyboard is in my eyes, perfect. The things I am looking for in a replacement keyboard would ideally match the qualities of the Apple keyboard, namely:

• Quiet keys, with not too "mushy" of a feel when typing.
• Sleek form-factor (not a total deal-breaker, but it's one of the things I like most about the Apple White Wireless keyboard)
• Full size Numeric Keypad
• Help/Home/PgUp/Delete/End/PgDown key block above the arrow keys
• "F" keys that are large, and go from F1 through F16
• Proper, Mac-specific Command/Option/Control key placement and/or labeling (I don't want to have to use a keyboard remapping app in order to reverse the behavior of the Control & Option keys on a Windows-sympathetic keyboard, for example)

Any suggestions?
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How about this one?
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I had a lot of the same concerns about a fullsize keyboard for my Mac. I got this one by Logitech and I love it (actually use it on both Mac and PC). Comes in black and white/silver.

Only downside, the F-keys are not tiny but half the size of regular keys and go F1 - F15.
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WASD keyboards are pretty wonderful. They are mechanical, so they can be pretty loud - but you can add sound dampeners. Actually, the whole keyboard is customizable so that you can ensure you get the proper Mac keyboard layout too.
They have less of smushy feeling because each key has its own mechanism, rather than a rubber underlay like the newer Apple keyboards (and many others). The rubber underlay makes keyboards easy to produce and super cheap, which is why these ones are a little pricier. But they're great!
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I really like Matais keyboards, specifically the Tactile Pro. That model is pretty much the same as the old Apple Extended Keyboard that was so beloved.

They may have a keyboard that fits your needs.
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The Matias Quiet Pro is exactly what you're looking for (minus the wirelessness). The Tactile Pro, while looking better in its all-white color scheme, is a quite a bit noisier. The Quiet Pro keeps the tactile, long-throw feel while being much quieter. There are sound samples on the page where you can compare the two. There's also the Laptop Pro which is wireless, but doesn't have the extra Fn keys and keypad.
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I would not recommend a mechanical keyboard if you want something quiet. They're really, genuinely loud. You need to try one before you buy one.

That said, the Logitech K750 solar keyboard linked above comes in white. If you're willing to give up the wireless feature, there's this Apple MB110LL/B keyboard which seems to fit the bill. Here's a reasonable facsimile with decent ratings ("Kanex Multi-Sync Bluetooth Keyboard").
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Nthing the Logitech K750.
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