Your favorite Middlemarch edition
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I'm a few chapters into Middlemarch and am really enjoying it; however, my edition has endnotes and there are a lot of them, so I find myself having to flip to the end of the book several times per page to read them. This is really annoying. Do you have a favorite edition that does a good job of explaining references by using footnotes? My local library system carries many editions and there are even more available for sale online, but I can't tell which ones use footnotes.
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Can you clarify if an ebook is a no-go? That's what I used for War and Peace... all the notes are hyperlinked in both directions.
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E-book is not an option.
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Grab a Norton Critical edition?
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I can't find my copy of Middlemarch anywhere, but the Barnes and Noble Classics line, of all things, puts out an edition of Daniel Deronda that has footnotes, so I'd assume their Middlemarch does too!
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My Broadview edition has copious and excellent footnotes, as well as a bunch of good supplementary material.
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This is going to sound super obvious (in retrospect), but for books that just have endnotes, and don't have footnotes - use two bookmarks.

So much easier to flick between what you are reading, and the endnotes. I never thought to do this until I had a book that had two sets of endnotes (so, three bookmarks), and it just made it not an annoyance anymore.
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