How can I make a screen stay in place in a new bong?
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I recently bought a new bong so I can smoke salvia (which is legal in my state.) However when I put the screen in, the screen slides around. So whenever I pack the bong, the screen tips and salvia falls out. What can I do to keep the screen in place? Is there a substance I can use to make it stick that won't be harmful when it is lit and inhaled? Is there something else I can (legally) smoke that will leave a residue that will keep it in place? Thanks for your help!
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I don't know what you can do with your current screen, but it sounds like you need a bigger one. Usually screens are larger than the bowl stem so they can curve up at the edges and help hold it in place.

That being said I would guess anything that leaves a tar or sticky residue (loose tobacco maybe?) will help hold it in place over time.
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Yeah. When this happened with my vape, I ended up just buying bigger-sized screens and either shoving them in with a kebab skewer or trimming them down to a more appropriate size. I wouldn't necessarily recommend smoking anything stickier, because most of that'll just end up on your lungs.
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In the long term I'm voting bigger screen. In the short-term, try a twist tie around the outside edge of the screen (remove any paper first) and then bending it over the tip of your pinky. Tada! bowl.
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Is it 'popping' out? That might mean you can squish it in place so it's more conical and won't slip because it's sitting deeper in the bowl. You can do this with any pointy-but-not-too-pointy object such as a pen, paintbrush butt, etc. Place the screen over the bowl, use the object to shove it/shape it in place, then pack the now-conical screened bowl.
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