viewing fireworks in Nashville?
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This is a long shot, but here goes - I'm trying to come up with evening entertainment suitable for visiting children ages 5-10, here in Nashville (tonight and tomorrow), and I see that the Sounds are putting on a fireworks display (presumably at LP Field). Does anyone know of a good viewing spot that would be comfortable for children? The likeliest spots are downtown in the midst of all the adult honkytonk. Maybe Riverfront Park or the pedestrian bridge, but it would be nice to have a kid-friendly strategy, rather than experimenting with them in tow. Suggestions handy to the Art Crawl on 5th would be especially valuable, as would any other after-dinner ideas.
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Best answer: So, um, I guess you don't want to go to the Sounds game itself? It's really fun to watch from inside the park. I don't think you can see them from downtown at all. You could just head that way and get a parking spot close to the stadium but it's hard to know exactly what time the game will be over.

Some ideas for after-dinner stuff: Cumberland Park over by the Titans stadium is a lot of fun, Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream - the East Nashville location will have a shorter line but the one in 12South would be nice because after you get your ice cream, you could wander around 12South and head down to Sevier Park to let the kids run around. If you want to stay downtown, Mike's Ice Cream is quite yummy and Rocket Fizz is a lot of fun but it's easy to spend way too much money there so be warned. :-)
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The Sounds do not play at LP field, they play at Greer Stadium. I don't think you would have a very good view of them from anywhere downtown because the Fort Negley hill would be in the way.

Like dawkins_7 said, you could go park outside Greer but there isn't much to do around there with kids on a Friday.
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As for tomorrow, the TN Craft Festival is going on this weekend around the Parthenon. The weather is supposed to be spectacular. I'll also throw in a vote for Las Paletas (over on 12 South) if you want the most awesome popsicles ever.
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There's also the Sevier Park Fest in 12-South.
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Response by poster: Great suggestions, thanks everyone, also for filling in my sports field ignorance. Good to know!
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I'm going to suggest going to the Sounds game. It's really cheap and AAA ball is a freaking hoot! Everything is incredibly affordable, and they even have a beer-free section, in case you were concerned about raucus beer-related stuff.

Sounds games are very family-friendly, and even if your kids don't like ball, they do stuff between every inning. My favorite are the toilet races, because they are so freaking random! We went frequently when we lived in Nashville.

Concessions are cheap, if the weather is pleasant it's a lovely all-American activity.
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