Help me find my old dentist in NYC?
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Somehow I can't find the information for my dentist that I last saw 4 yrs ago. Can you help me figure out who it was based on these clues? Male dentist, white guy in his 40s with brown hair, practices with his wife (blonde) who is also a dentist. Upper West Side, I want to say in the 70s? They had a small but tech-y office with photos from their travels all over. They were both scuba divers. They were super nice and gave huge swag bags full of toothbrushes and stuff at the end of your appointment. His name might have been Steve?
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The Degels?
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Nope, not the Degels. The guy is younger, and it was definitely UWS not Queens since I remember walking to it from my old office on 83 and Bway. But thanks!
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Did you have insurance? You could contact your insurance company and they could help you out.
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I think you might be talking about "Dr. Rob" -- Dr Rob Perrachia? I don't remember photos from their scuba trips, but he practices with his wife and they are on the UWS ( CPW in the 90s). He resembles your description. He's mostly a pediatric DDS but maybe he saw adults too? Here is the website.
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How about the Glassmans?
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Manhattan Oasis Dentistry? (sidenote: even if it's not the right one, they're awesome, tech-y, and give swag bags at the end of appointments)
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How did you pay? Can you check your credit card or insurance records?
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