Something like an ad-blocker for related links?
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Is there a way to block links to other articles from showing up on the web?

Basically every webpage in the world (yeah, you too, metafilter!) has various collections of links to other articles, whether they be "popular" or "recommended" or "trending on the web" or "related" or what have you. I am a fundamentally good person who cares deeply about my work, and yet even I can be distracted down the infinitely-branching, dopamine-jostling rabit-hole. Is there any trick I can use to block out these parts of webpages, so that I can enjoy a single article in calm peacefulness and return safely to the rest of my life?

I'm imagining this would have to be implemented on a constantly-updating per-site basis, so I'm not optimistic it exists. Firefox is my browser of choice, but please feel free to include answers for the benefit of other people as well.

One note I can offer: Blocking all javascript on does prevent many kinds (though not all) of links to other articles from showing up, at the expense of making a small number of pages simply not work.

Maybe something like one of these greasemonkey scripts? Something analogous to Shutup.css?

red-herring: the answers to this askme just cover hiding the images, not the links themselves
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I don't know of any such thing exactly, but I'd suggest sending the articles to something like Pocket or Instapaper, then reading them later at leisure on a tablet.

The Pocket version of the article will be clutter free, including usually free of those related article links. You will also be pushing those articles out of your at-the-computer-trying-to-work time, and into your on-the-couch-relaxing time. Also something like Pocket can be a lot quicker and more convenient for actually working through batches of articles.

If you really want to read the article right now, but uncluttered, Readability had a browser add-on that removes cruft in the same way.
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Best answer: You might find the Element Hiding Helper for AdBlockPlus addon helpful.
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You can add a whole bunch of stuff to AdBlocker's blocked list, assuming you use it. Just right click over an element and you can probably block it. I've blocked things like annoying gif logos this way.
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Yeah, use the element hider. FWIW, the vast majority of those "Related Stories" page units are from either Taboola or Outbrain, so you may be able to get by in blacklisting the JS that pulls them in with Ghostery, RequestPolicy, etc.
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If you don't want to see links you could just turn off their underlining and set their colors to your basic text color. Do this in Firefox via
Preferences -> Content -> Colors
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Response by poster: Probably-impossible challenge: the grid of related videos that comes up when a youtube video ends.
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You want Youtube Center, which has this feature. It's available as a user script and as an experimental addon for Firefox and Chrome.
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