Best Hike near St. Louis
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I remember reading in an old Backpacker Magazine the Best Hikes in the Midwest, and number one was a few hours outside of St. Louis. But I don't remember what it was and I can't find it online! Failing someone finding that, I would like recommendations for a place within 3 hours of St. Louis where we could hike a couple hours and then camp for the night.

It will be a small group of 20 somethings and we'd like beautiful scenery, and hiking that isn't too insane. A BBQ or place to make a fire would be great but we'd be ok with just cooking on camp stoves as well.
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Giant City or Ferne Clyffe State Parks in Illinois would be high on my list. In Missouri, Trail of Tears isn't bad.
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Mark Twain National Forest or the Ozark Trail?
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In the article: Midwest America's Best Day Hikes from May of 2009, they recommend Cathedral Canyon near Fredrickstown, MO. They aren't ranked, but Cathedral Canyon is listed as the best gorge hike.
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Best answer: I would recommend the Whispering Pine Trail in Hawn State Park. It is generally recognized as one of the best hiking trails in the state.

It starts off with a clear, beautiful stream and gorgeous rock formations. And then you cllimb upwards, to "sprawling treetop panoramas." And then there's the magical, piney part. I love this hike.

They have a campground, too, and there are a couple of places to camp along the trail.
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Best answer: This is a self-link, because I copy-edited this, but here's a feature that just came out about this (see the Hiking section at bottom). I know in compiling this list, the writers drew on several books like the one you mention and talked to some local experts on parks in the area.
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