Help two Mefites in love have wedding photos and a rehearsal dinner?
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I'm looking for recommendations for Toronto wedding photographers and rehearsal dinner venues that are fun, inviting, professional, but not overly expensive, and which might still be available for this September.

I'm getting married in September to another stand-up Mefite (this account was my 2007 Valentine's Day gift). Hooray! However, we're a bit behind on planning, due to the overwhelming amount of choice available in Toronto. Right now we're looking for a photographer and a rehearsal dinner location.

Rehearsal dinner:

Ideally, this would be in the Harbord-Spadina area, as we are thinking of having drinks at a nearby location afterward, and our venue is also in that area. If it is a place that does both dinner and drinks after, location is less of an issue. Drinks after are for a larger contingent of out-of-towners (60-70); dinner is for 20-25. For drinks, it would be ideal if it were a place that would hold it to beer, wine, and a signature cocktail or two. We love all types of interesting food, and would be happy to showcase some of Toronto's unique food aspects, but recognize that not everyone is as adventurous an eater as we are, and there might be some dietary requirements. Transit accessibility is a must. We have already looked at Harbord House and Harvest Kitchen.


My ideal would be a combination of reportage-style photography with some nice posed shots as well; I like the idea of a photographer with a sense of humour, but also a sense of tradition. I don't need to completely break the mold and have everything be "me me me unique." I don't mind (and even like) some of the cutesy hipster filters, though. I love the idea of having some sort of photo booth for guests. I'm more of a colour than black-and-white photo person, but a selection of both would be lovely. Someone who can do nice prints/photo collages for a wall would be nice, but isn't absolutely necessary.

Insecurities-Filter: Fundamentally, I feel that I have never been a photogenic person, and it's bothered me all my life. I rarely look good in photos, and I'm terrified that I'm going to hate all my wedding photos. I recently had an engagement photoshoot where I was sure I looked very nice (which is rare coming from me) and I was pretty disappointed; I felt that all the poses they'd put me in actually magnified my weight and flaws, rather than minimized them. I know this is shallow, and it's not that I don't want to look like me, but I'd be happy to find someone who specializes in photographing brides who are size 12 rather than size 2.

The most important thing is that we want the digital images, and we want to own the right to use them for our own, non-commercial purposes.

Our ideal budget would be under $2000, but I realize this might not be possible. Over $2500 is probably pushing it.

Thanks, MeFi!
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You might want to try posting this also in

They have a fairly active community over there.
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Make sure you tell the photographer all the different types of photos you want. Look at sample photos together. You only get one shot at recording your wedding. There are no do-overs.
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