Job interview focusing on Oracle SAP accounting -help!
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I have a job interview this week with a firm using an Oracle SAP accounting environment to track business expenses. While my background is in office administration, I want to be more prepared for this kind of working situation - what can anyone tell me about using this kind of application so I know what I'm talking about on the interview?

Any experiences, tips, tricks or anecdotes in reconciling travel receipts etc. in an SAP Oracle and CONCUR system is enormously appreciated!
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Either you've used the system before or you haven't. All ERPs are basically the same, most businesses customize them so much that even if you've used the exact software for years, going into a new environment, you'll still need time to get adjusted.

I've used Concur and one great feature was that the company credit card was tied to the system, so you'd just wait for the card charge to hit, and then you'd add it to your expense report. No receipt requred. Once all the recipts came through on the charges, you'd just submit your report and Concur would automatically pay your bill for you. This meant that each person could do his or her own expenses. That said, some folks threw their receipts at the admins and expected them to do this for them. Basically, you'd take the paper receipts, and then insure that the charge came through the system, and then once it had, you could send it to the manager for approval.

Who knows if that's how their system will work though.

As for Oracle, it might as well be proprietary for how customized those systems are.
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That helps, Ruthless! Great response. I want to make sure I know a little background on how their system might be set up so I can hit the ground running.
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SAP and Oracle are two different ERPs - my recommendation would be to ensure you don't mix them up during the interview. Like Ruthless said, companies customize them to fit their needs, so it'd be hard to fully prep you for the environment you're going into.

That said - expenses in the two companies I've worked for with Oracle have been pretty standard. Once you get past the dated interface of Oracle and the weirdness (some forms freak out if you tab to the next field) you'll be fine.
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