How to send documents on a weekly schedule, with staggered signup dates?
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I need to send out a distribution of a PDF file, such as a lesson series. Each subscriber to the lessons gets the next article in the series each week. New articles are regularly added to the bottom of the list, keeping the series going. But newly added subscribers need to start at the top of the list of lessons.

I thought about using scheduled emails, but as subscribers climb into the hundreds or more, that will become prohibitive.

I am looking for a solution, preferably web-based, that will:

- allow me to upload new files to the list and add new subscribers

- automatically send each article to email addresses in proper order -- note: emails go out to all subscribers same day each week (Monday), not weekly from sign-up date -- the subscriber can not be required to download anything. Email distribution only, as attachments.

- bonus points for a solution that can do invoicing, even better if it can process payments

I am sure there is a simple phrase I should be Googling for this. My fried brain on this project isn't finding it.
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I think you are looking for a combination of digital product shopping cart + automated email marketing. For example, you could use Gumroad to list each lesson as an individual e-book product and Active Campaign rules-based marketing automation to send links to these lessons in the right order.

I don't know if there is a solution that combines both. (Personally, I would contact Gumroad to ask, they are a startup and this seems like an excellent idea for a product offering).
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The phrase you're looking for is "drip marketing".
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