Best Klingon words for Scrabble?
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My wife & I are playing in a charity scrabble tournament this weekend, called "Scrabble for Cheaters." Basically, players can "buy cheats" based on how much money they raised, and one of the cheats is to use a word from any other language. If anyone out there has a decent knowledge of Klingon and also Scrabble strategy, could you give us some pointers on Klingon words that are seven letters or fewer, and potentially high scoring for Scrabble? Thanks!
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Qap'la (translates as "success") is one of the first that comes to mind.
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Best answer: Klingon is very apostrophe heavy, but I assume that those can be ignored for the purposes of this game.

Some good ones include: Qapla' (success) and majQa' (well done)

Lots more good ones.
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Response by poster: Couldn't find any with z's, but jiQuch (pleased?) also seems like a good one...
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Klingon doesn't use 'z' iirc.
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Also this is a great resource for looking up Klingon words/vocabulary.

One thing to be careful of, though, is that many Klingon words use apostrophes - since scrabble doesn't include those or include words with those, a word like Qapla' may not be valid even "cheating."
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People, people. Obviously you use the blank tile for the apostrophe.
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Klingon will give you a lot of Q words where the Q is not followed by a u.

Since Klingon is agglutinative, it can create very long words that represent entire sentences, for instance maghoSchoHmoHneS'a' - "May we execute a course (to some place)?". Of course, that might be difficult to play in Scrabble. As far as words without prefixes/suffixes go, qelI'qam ("kellicam" - that's a capital i after the L) is a measure of distance on the order of a kilometer.

If you can, find a copy of The Klingon Dictionary. It can back you up in case you need to prove that your words are actually Klingon.
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