Looking for a time tracking app with certain features
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I'd like an iOS or mac (OSX) app that will pop up on my phone or computer screen between certain hours of the day, at defined intervals to ask me what I've been doing since it last asked. I'd like the list of options to be totally flexible and I'd like it to not go away until I tell it what I've been doing.
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Reporter might work.
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How about using the Day One app? You can set multiple reminder times during the day and it will automatically pop open on your desktop. You can 'snooze' it though, so you'd still need the self-discipline to make yourself stop and write when it pops up.
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Response by poster: I've looked into Day One, but it looks like it's designed for a different purpose. I want something very simple that will pop up a list of activities that I might be working on for the past x minutes (mainly at work), I click a button (or two) and it logs and reports my activities. The closest I've come to this is WhatchyaDoing, but the interface is really bad.
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I haven't used these in a while, but you might want to check out Vitamin-R and Concentrate. Both pop up in bundle sales every now and then, so it is possible to get them cheaper.
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Would Rachota work?
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