Wedding Present Sites and Ideas for a Dear Turkish Friend
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Websites to purchase and have wedding gift delivered to Istanbul?... And what should I get her?

My friend in Istanbul is getting married next month, and while I can't attend the wedding, I'd love to send her an awesome gift. Shipping from Australia to Turkey is really expensive, so I'd like to buy her something locally, or from a big website that delivers to Istanbul.

Does anyone know where I can buy a gift online and have it delivered to her workplace in Uskudar, Istanbul? While I understand gold jewellery is the standard Turkish gift, I wouldn't mind buying something a little more modern.

She is in her early thirties, loves international travel, London, Little Britain, Dr Who, and movies.

Thank you!
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I checked a random website,, and found that they don't ship there:

I’m from Brazil/Russia/Turkey, why can’t you send me stuff?
We love everyone equally, but sadly, we just can’t do it. It’s nothing personal.

Due to the high number of orders that fail to clear customs and the costs involved for us, and our customers in retrieving the goods, we’ve been advised to hold off. Sorry.

I'd guess this is a frequent problem for folk having stuff shipped into Turkey.

Turkish geeks like the same geek stuff everyone else does, and some of those shops must ship locally.

Also try asking on a local expatriates forum.
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Amazon-uk is hit or miss, btw, according to a random online forum. The stuff they have on hand they'll ship to Turkey, but their affiliates who sell stuff on the site won't ship to Turkey.
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Etsy sellers in Turkey will certainly ship to Turkey.
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The postal service is fairly notorious for 'losing' things, so I would not send by public mail.
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