Charming bulletin board for first grade class
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My forte as a teacher is not the decorating/bulletin boards/cutesy stuff so I was hoping to solicit input. Tomorrow we have a leadership themed walk through for the parents (it is our year-long equity theme). My class had students write about how they are a leader ("pushing in my chair, helping friends when they fall down on the playground," etc.) We took photographs of them in super hero poses with a super hero cape to go with the blurb they wrote. So they each have a little poster with their photograph as a superhero and the way they are a leader and now we need to put it up in the hall fancily. Now we need a pun or background display for their work. Like the other teachers have things like a big mirror made out of tin foil and it says, "I can see the leader in me." Stuff like that. So, super hero themed + leadership + charming but also doable within a day in terms of the decorative work load and supplies needed. Any ideas?
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How about doing a bright-colored background, and then big bubble letters saying "My super power is..." at the top and "...leadership!" at the bottom. Then the posters go in the middle. You could add cut out stars in varying colors around the edges/in between posters.
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Keep your theme, go old-fashioned comic-book style. Put LEAD! HELP! LEARN! (or whatever) in the same kind of SMASH POW Batman letters you see on the old TV show. You can have just a plain background behind the posters.

In the top left corner, you could put a comic-book text "Meanwhile, in Ms. Mermily's Class..." in a box. At the bottom right you could put "...To Be Continued!"

You could even put "With great power comes great responsibility" in there somewhere...
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You will want to make your objective clear to the visiting parents, so I would suggest going basic and reinforcing the message, especially because it's first grade. Based on what the students wrote, I'd go with a caption like, "We are All Super Heroes When We Lead By Example".
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Thanks for the great answers. The bulletin board was a huge hit! =)
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